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Reservation Procedure

Reservation Procedure


Choose the machiya from the selection below and proceed to check the vacant houses please.


Bettei Umekoji

2-story house / 98㎡ / capacity 2-10 people / pets are permitted / cooking is permitted / 11-minute walk from JR Tanbaguchi station





Make a reservation online

Select the machiya of your choice from the following and please make your reservation.



Email confirmation・Reply

We are going to send you an automatic email about your reservation confirmation and another one about the details of the reservation. Please carefully check the contents and reply to us for the necessary information within one week.


Write your arrival time at our accommodation in your email by all means.




Please pay by cash when you come for the check-in procedure at the office.




Check-in time is from 15:00 to 17:00 at the guesthouse.If there is a sudden change in the arrival time on the day, please be sure to contact us at least 2 hours in advance, becauseour staff will wait for you at the specified time. Thank you for your cooperation.
※Also, please contact us as there is a way that you can enter at any time after 15:00 without deciding the arrival time.




You can rest and take your time until 11am. You can depart freely after contacting us.


Concerning the facility

□ For fire prevention, all machiya are non smoking properties and any cooking with fire is prohibited. (The houses Umekoji and Fuyacho have IH cooker).

□ If due to the negligence of the guest there are any damages done to the building or equipment, note that the cost of the repairs will be charged to the guest, so please be careful.

□ We cannot accept pets in the house. (Pets are allowed in the Umekoji machiya)

□ We cannot take responsibility for any injury due to carelessness so please be careful.

□The neighborhood is not a busy tourist destination. Loud noise can really cause nuisance to the locals therefore please refrain from talking in a loud voice, having banquets or loud behavior. Guest can be asked to leave immediately if we receive any complaint.

About cancellation fee

□ If you wish to cancel a reservation, please contact us 31 days before your check-in day. Past that limit you will have to pay a provisions cancellation fee (see below). From the day of your reservation up to 31 days before the scheduled check-in date it is 0%. (However the transfer fee will be deducted at the time of the repayment).

□ In case of a cancellation from 30 to 2 days before the scheduled check-in date→50% of the total amount, for a cancellation the day before the scheduled check-in date→70% of the total amount、in case of a cancellation the day of your scheduled check-in day or if you do not show up without contacting us, → we will charge you 100% of the total amount. In any case, as well as the cancellation fee, we will deduce the transfer fee from the amount of the repayment.

□ Only in the case of a change of the number of guests, no cancellation fee will be charged.