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A over 80-years-old traditional local house ! Most suitable for a big group of 10 people !
Tor Kamo river 5 minutes, Gion 15 minutes, Kiyomizu-dera Temple 25 minutes on foot !
To Shijo, Nishiki Market, Pontocho 10 minutes on foot!

a over 80-year-old building. Bettei Fuyacho is an 8-minute walk from Kiyomizu Gojo station on the Keihan line. It's a 12-minute walk from either Gojo station on the Subway line or Kawaramachi station on the Hankyu line. It's a fantastic location, you can walk to the main downtown areas; Kawaramachi, Kiyamachi and Gion. Visiting the Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Kennin-ji Temple is a must, but for a short time become a Kyoto resident and as if you lived here, enjoy a morning stroll along the Kamo River. Have the pleasure of bath in the special Shigaraki ceramic bathtub while listening to the temple bells and admiring the interior garden; a feature of traditional Kyoto architecture.
Kimono or Yukata (a casual summer kimono) are available for rent at our office at Kyoto station.
※ On our pictures you might see images of parties or games occuring in the evening but this could create a lot of noise and disturb the neighbors and is therefore prohibited.


Number of guests 2〜10people (Max 10) 97㎡
Internet Wi-Fi
Kitchen ※Cooking is permitted
Water filter / Electric hot water pot / Microwave / Refrigerator / Rice cooker / Induction Cooking / Oven Toaster/ Fry Pan / Pot / Draining basket / Cooking bowl / Coffee cups / Glasses / Small dishes/ Medium sized dishes / Large plates /Teacups / Soup bowl / Forks / Spoons / Kitchen scissors / Knife / Chopping board / Capopener / Wine opener
Bathroom Washlet / Hair drier / Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap / Tooth brush / Tooth paste / Bath towel / Face towel / Yukata(night wear) / Hanten(over jacket---Winter only)
Japanese style room TV / Air-conditioner / Electric heater(Winter only) / Kerosene fan heater(Winter only) / Electric hot carpet(Winter only) / Full-length mirror / Coffee / Tea / Japanese tea /

Room layout

〈1F〉 ・Japanese style room(4.5 tatamis)
・Living room(6 tatamis)
・Inner garden
〈2F〉 ・Japanese style room(6 tatamis+4.5 tatamis+6 tatamis)

Suggested itinerary





Please visit our check-in counter 10:00~17:00. Enter the house from 15:00.





Explore Nishiki Market. Known as Kyoto's kitchen. You will find delicious food.





Try some local restaurants or take a short trip to Gion or Ponto-cho. Bento, Japanese boxed meals, can be delivered. (Reservations required)





Relax in the "Shigaraki ware" tub. It has a far-infrared effect. The water is scented with our original herbal mix.





At end of the day, enjoy a sound sleep on hand crafted bedding filled with soft down.




The morning service

Everyone is free to join the morning service at Bukkou-ji Temple.




Morning walk & Breakfast

Enjoy an early morning walk along the Kamo River. Afterward why not enjoy breakfast at the popular Inoda Coffee shop?




Explore Gion

After you checkout enjoy strolling in Gion, one of the most picturesque areas of the city, or admire the garden at Kennin-ji Temple. You can try Zazen or Syakyo here.


Kimono・yukata rental plan

The staff will help you to get dressed during the check-in procedure then you will be able to go for sightseeing by leaving the luggage to the staff. You can enjoy the kimono all day long. (kimono dressing hour is from 10am to 17pm)

Go to the kimono rental site

Look at your stay's

Popular tourist destinations



Its main hall is famous for its big stage. From its 18m height you can have a panoramic view of Kyoto. The classical itinerary is to go from Kiyomizudera, go through Kodai-ji, then walk to Yasaka Shrine, Gion.

See the route from the facility


Kinkakuji Temple

From the Muromachi area (14-16th century), the Kinkakuji Temple was established by the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. No matter how much you have admired its shining gold, it is as magnificient as the first time. The Kinkakuji under the snow, though a rare sight, is particularly stunning. The site is said to be really big but you can visit it including the garden in around one hour.

See the route from the facility


Fushimi Inari Taisha Sanctuary

Famous for its thousand vermillion torii gates. Going through its many torii gates you can choose to go to the main spot and go back, then it will take 30 minutes, but you can also choose to do the course that will lead you up to the Inari Mountain. It takes 2 hours but it is appreciated for the stunning view of Kyoto landscape that you can admire.

See the route from the facility


Kyoto Aquarium and Railway Museum

On the site of the Umekoji Park, there are two places to enjoy. The Kyoto Aquarium, one of the largest inland aquariums, has the giant japanese salamander typical of the Kamogawa ecosystem. The Kyoto Railway Museum has a train driving simulator, experiences of different jobs, from kids to adults everyone can enjoy it.

See the route from the facility


Address 502-4 Kamiurokogata-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8058
Parking * There is rental parking.