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> Kimono & Japanese tea experience

Kimono & Japanese tea experience

Friday April 27th, 2018

Kimono rental

・Haori coat rental    1000yen/person (1 day)
・Two part Kimono+ photography   1500yen/person (1 hour)
・Simple Kimono+ photography in Machiya  2500yen  (1 hour)
(all of these 3 patterns only need to wear Kimono on your own clothes, then you can take pictures in Machiya)
・Hanging out in Kimono    3800yen〜6800yen
    Choosing your favorite Kimono from 150 styles
    Need to make changing. Underwear, zori and   bag are also included in the rental plan.
    Almost of our Kimono are silky and traditional Kimono.

Japanese tea experience

・Tea experience    3000yen/person  (1 hour)
    Kimono+ Tea  5000yen/person  (1 hour)
    (Simple Kimono 2500yen+ Tea 3000yen=5500yen   500yen discount)
    You can make and enjoy the tea in a chillaxing machiya. Staff will tell the simple way of how to make Japanese tea.