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オプション > Bridal Kimono pictures plan in Kyoto traditional house (machiya)


Bridal Kimono pictures plan in Kyoto traditional house (machiya)

Bridal costume photo plan in a machiya
【2 nights 3 days Plan】Limited to “naokonoza Bettei Umekoji”
First Day
12:00~ Arrival to Kyoto Station Check-in at our office close to Kyoto Station
17:00      First night at Bettei Umekoji
Second Day
9:00~ Beginning of the preparations
10:30~ Beginning of the shooting
About one hour of shooting in the machiya
12:00  After you are done changing clothes, the staff will leave
After that, you can relax in the house or go sightseeing, in short, spend your time freely
Second night at Umekoji
Third Day
11:00  In the morning, you can rest until 11am, time of check-out
Please let us know when you leave by sending an email or calling us
Price 230,000円
Lodging    :naokonoza Bettei Umekoji Two nights (Up to four persons)
Garnment    :Man(Kimono with crest and hakama) Woman(White bridal kimono)
Hair make :Western style hairdressing for women
Shooting    :Pictures by a professional cameraman Pictures will be given to you
Please reserve by contacting us to the following email adress.

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