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The place of Miyakoodori is not in Gion this year!

Sunday April 15th, 2018

Usually, the place of Maiko performance (Miyakoodori) is at Gion koubu kaburenjo (祇園新地甲部歌舞練場), but this year it has been changed to Kyoto Art Theater Shunjuza (京都芸術劇場 春秋座) near Kyoto art academy.  It is from 1st, April to 24th, April.  3 shows per day.


There are 5 places you can enjoy Maiko performance. It will be fun if you go in Kimono.

1.上七軒の「北野をどり」(25th, March~7th, April(14 days))

   Seat with tea service  4800 yen Seat without tea  4300 yen

2.祇園甲部の「都をどり」(1st, April~ 24th, April )

   Special seat with tea  4600 yen First class seat   3500 yen

3.宮川町の「京おどり」(1st, April~16th, April)

   First class seat 4200 yen Seat with tea 4800 yen(the first and second floor front seats)

   Second class seat 2200 yen Seat with tea 2800 yen(student discount 1000 yen(student ID card is required) accessible seats on the second floor

4.先斗町の「鴨川をどり」(1st, May~24th, May)

    Special seat with tea  4800 yen    Special seat   4200 yen   Standard seat   2300 yen     Tea ticket   700 yen

■Odori in Autumn
1.祇園東の「祇園をどり」(around  the early part of November)

  Seat with tea  4500 yen Standard seat  4000 yen Tea ticket  500 yen