Posts > 三室戸寺に行ってきました。紫陽花の種類 I went to Mimuroto Temple. 2/2


三室戸寺に行ってきました。紫陽花の種類 I went to Mimuroto Temple. 2/2


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I was surprised to see there were so many different types of hydrangeas with flowers of different shapes ! As there is no rain even though it should be the rainy season I think that normally there are much more but they are such beautiful, lovely flowers. There are also a lot of azaleas and lotus so Mimurodo is a temple you can enjoy at a lot of different times !

Je fus surprise de voir qu’il y avait tant de types differents d’hortensias ! Il ne pleut pas malgre le fait que ce devrait etre la saison des pluies alors je pense qu’en temps normal il y en a beaucoup plus mais ce sont de belles, charmantes fleurs. Il y a aussi beaucoup d’azalees et des fleurs de lotus, Mimurodo est donc un temple appreciable a pleins de moments differents !