Experience the excitement of authentic Kyoto machiya

Feel the culture and traditions of Kyoto at Naokonoza's machiya townhouses, each built over 80 years ago. You can feel the history in the furniture, artisanal Shigaraki ware bathtub, and inner garden. An unforgettable Kyoto machiya experience tailor-made just for you.

What are Kyo-machiya?

There are many types of machiya townhouses in Japan, but the townhouses of Naokonoza are called Kyo-machiya, the machiya of Kyoto, and they are authentic machiya that have strict rules governing them. In order for a machiya to be called authentic, there are many requirements: it has to have a wooden lattice that blocks the view from outside, a ceiling made of bamboo, among many others.
  • Steep stairs
    The steep stairs
    The stairs to the second floor are narrow and steep. This is an interesting utilization of the limited space in machiya.
  • Inner garden
    The inner garden
    You can feel the elegance of Kyoto in the lantern-illuminated inner garden and the tsukubai washbasin once used for purifying rituals.
  • Japanese antiques
    The inner garden
    Take a look at the hanging scrolls and other antiques - they're something you'll only get to see in a machiya!

Wash away your worries

Naokonoza's machiya townhouses have bathtubs handmade by artisans, and you can view the inner garden from one while enjoying the hot spring experience. The inner garden looks fantastic when it's illuminated by lanterns at night.

The landlady's Japanese heartfelt hospitality

I put a lot of effort into making the machiya a place where you can feel, experience, and enjoy the traditional Japanese atmosphere. Please have a unique machiya experience at one of our machiya townhouses. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto.
The landlady "OKAMI”
  • Yukata and kimono experience

    Yukata and kimono experience

    Great variety of designs to choose from. They dressed up the yukata with really pretty accessories and made sure that we were comfortable.
  • The“inari”sushi making experience

    Japanese cooking class

    It was amazing and I am grateful to have had this inari sushi and matcha experience in a such a peaceful and inviting location.
  • No smoking
    No smoking
  • Free Wi-Fi
    Free Wi-Fi
  • Bathtub
  • Bedding
  • Kitchen
    Water purifier / Electric pot / Microwave oven / Refrigerator / Coffee cup / Glass / Small plate / Fork / Spoon / Kitchen scissors / Kitchen knife / Chopping board / Bottle opener / Wine opener
  • Bathroom / WC
    Washlet / Dryer / Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap / Toothbrush / Toothpaste / Bath towel / Face towel / Yukata / Kimono coat (only in winter)
  • Room
    TV / Air conditioner / Electric heater (only in winter) / Oil fan heater (only in winter) / Hot carpet (only in winter) / Full-length mirror / Coffee / Tea