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> Japanese soul food making class(Rice ball and Inari-sushi) 

Japanese soul food making class(Rice ball and Inari-sushi) 

mardi 25 septembre 2018

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Japanese soul food making class(Rice ball and Inari-sushi)


簡単にできるこの二つの日本のソウルフードの作り方を覚えて帰りましょう! Experience the making procedure of rice ball and Inari-sushi

Here you can learn the simple way to make these two kinds of Japanese soul food!

【所要時間】約1時間 Approx. 1 hour

【料  金】

1人3000円                                   お弁当箱付 5000円

3000 yen per person                               With lunch box   5000 yen per person

Rice ball and Inari-sushi   Onigiri making tool           Lunch box for rice balls

【内  容】おにぎり3個(梅・おかか・昆布) いなり寿司4個


【Contents】 3 flavors of rice ball(pickled ume・katsuobushi・kelp)

4 Inari-sushi (with Japanese pickles of shibazuke) Onigiri making tool present





Rice ball is the food to wrap filling in the rice and shape rice into a circle. It is easy to make and eat.

Inari-sushi is also called sushi wrapped in fired Tofu.

It is said that the fox in Fushimi-Inari shrine likes it very much. It is the food to boil the fired Tofu

with soy sauce and sugar firstly then to wrap the sushi rice inside the fired Tofu.







There are three flavors of rice ball you are going to learn. Pickled ume, katsuobushi with soy sauce and the kelp boiled with soy sauce.

Salt is required when shaping the rice. It can not only help the rice to be nonperishable but also can make the rice seasoned.

First, take some salt on your hands then start to shape rice. Second, put filling in the rice tightly and

finally wrap the laver around rice.

There are two flavors of laver. One is seasoned and the other is roasted. People in Kansai prefer the

former while people in Kanto like the latter much more. You can choose the flavor you like.






To make Inari-sushi, first put the sushi vinegar into the boiled rice and blend it with rice paddle, fanning the rice to cool it down with a paper fan at the same time, which will help the vinegar to get through rice completely.

Cut the boiled fired Tofu half then put the wrapped sushi rice in.


おかか Bonito


A mixture of soy sauce moderately applied to the shavings of dried bonito


すし酢  Sushi vinegar

日本では、すし酢として売っている。 It is sold as suchi vinegar in Japan.

ごはん 三合に対して、 rice 3 go

酢  大4(60ml)     vinegar  4 table spoon (60ml)

砂糖 大3             sugar 3 table spoon

塩  大1             salt 1 table spoon