Kyoto Vacation Rentals, machiya stay, Naokonozacss/ Kyoto Vacation Rentals, machiya stay, Naokonoza

To have a comforting moment
in Kyoto traditional houses

This is an accommodation type that will let you rent a whole Kyoto traditional house
Every year, traditional Kyoto houses (machiya) are demolished, making them fewer and fewer.
Even if we wanted to, it is impossible nowadays to build a Kyoto style townhouse. At Naokonoza, to preserve Kyoto’s charm and taste while it is still possible, we decided to restore and give a new life to Kyoto’s machiya.
We are also trying to preserve the kimono culture of Kyoto by allowing you to experience walking around Kyoto wearing kimono, or having a shooting in bridal kimono in the beautiful setting of a machiya.
In short, at Naokonoza we want you to enjoy cheerfully the Japanese culture and do everything for that to happen.

The landlady’s thought

The Landlady’s vision about machiyas

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Naokonoza’s service

Presenting naokonoza’s service

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Staying at a machiya

Since you came all the way to Kyoto, we would like you to spend your time as if you were living in Kyoto and by having leisure time in an ancient, traditional setting.
Please take a look at what is part of traditional Kyoto, the small statue of Shoki placed on the overhang of traditional houses that is there as a charm against evil , the chimaki, cake wrapped in bamboo leaves...

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Kimono rental
(yukata during summer)

Operated by naokonoza, Beppin Kyoto allow you to change into kimono as soon as you arrive at Kyoto Station and go for sightseeing.
With an emphasis on retro and silk kimonos, all of our obi belts and kimonos were all chosen with great care and coordinated in a stylish and elegant way.

Kimono Rental

Bridal Kimono pictures plan in Kyoto traditional house (machiya)

In kimono of a pure white and a crested hakama,
enjoy the traditional wedding costumes of Japan and have pretty pictures taken !

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